Saturday September 26, 2020
Silvio Dalla Torre
University Double Bass Kaleidoscope Courses

Double Bass Kaleidoscope

March 2008 saw the first performance of the "Double Bass Kaleidoscope" under my artistic
and organisational direction, based on the long and successful double bass tradition at Kloster Michaelstein. My objective was to bring together diverse approaches to playing technique and interpretation, each represented by famous double bass soloists. The first event was an immediate success with over 50 participants
from all over the world and this secures its fu-
ture as an international event of a high standard.

In future Kloster Michaelstein will continue to
offer a wide variety of stylistics, methods and pedagogic concepts every spring. The many facets of double bass playing and the instrument itself with its 500 years of constantly changing history will be aired not only in practice (solo double bass playing, practical orches-
tral playing and chamber music), but also in lectures, discussions and seminars. This should raise the general standard of playing and create an awareness of historical and modern performance practices. Welcome as (active or passive) participants are students and professional musicians and also ambitious amateurs.

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